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Russia, Irkutsk, 28—31 March, 2017
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The anniversary international Baikaltour exhibition finished its work
March 29-31, 2017 the 20th anniversary international tourist Baikaltour exhibition took place in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex. Tourist and improving objects of Korea, Mongolia, China, Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, St. Petersburg, Crimea, Altai Territory, Yakutia and Primorsk Territory participated in the event confined to the beginning of a summer tourist season. Also, Russian Railways and Angarsk fuel and chemical refinery plant presented their sanatoriums and recreation centres.
Press-release of the international tourist Baikaltour exhibition
March 29-31, 2017 the 20th anniversary international Baikaltour exhibition will be held in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex.
Baikaltour helps tourists!
March 26—28, 2015 in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex the 19th Baikaltour international exhibition of tourist services was held. The event dedicated to the beginning of the summer tourist season was attended by companies from Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region, Moscow, Novosibirsk, the Republic of Buryatia and Mongolia.
Park Hyun Bong, Director of Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) in Vladivostok noted the great interest of Irkutsk people to the exhibition of medical tourism
Park Hyun Bong, Director of Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) in Vladivostok shared his impressions about the first exhibition of medical tourism of the Republic of Korea, noted the great interest of Irkutsk people to the exposition. According to him, the first steps are already taken and it is too early to be complacent.
Meeting of the Irkutsk regional association of employers and consular corps accredited in Irkutsk took place in Sibexpocentre
On the first day of the Baikaltour exhibition within the business programme the meeting of the consuls of the countries accredited in Irkutsk with representatives of the Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk regional association of employers took place.
The 19th Baikaltour exhibition and the 1st exhibition of medical tourism of the Republic of Korea began its work in Irkutsk
Also within the Baikaltour exhibition the first exhibition of medical tourism of the Republic of Korea opened. Within two days the Korean experts will hold consultations for visitors of Sibexpocentre in different directions. Besides, everyone can get acquainted with the US Travel agency offering the whole package of services for staying in Korea and also with Korean Air, one of the world's leading airlines.
Press-Release of the Baikaltour exhibition, March 26-28, 2015
March 26—28, 2015 the 19th international Baikaltour exhibition of tourist services will be held in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex.
The first exhibition of the medical tourism of the Republic of Korea will be held within the Baikaltour exhibition in Sibexpocentre
The first exhibition of the medical tourism of the Republic of Korea organised by the Korea Tourism Organisation with the support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea will be held on March 26—27, 2015 in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex in Irkutsk.
Irkutsk people will be able to learn about opportunities of medical tourism of the Republic of Korea in March in Sibexpocentre
The exhibition of medical tourism of the Republic of Korea will be held in Irkutsk Sibexpocentre. The event will last only 2 days on March 26 and 27, 2015 and will provide a unique opportunity to consult the Korean experts.
March of the next year, all visitors of the Baikaltour exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the Korean medicine
The Medical Tourism of the Republic of Korea exhibition will be held in Irkutsk Sibexpocentre within the Baikaltour exhibition on March 26—28, 2015.
Baikaltour is the territory of travel!
The 18th Baikaltour International Tourist Exhibition ended in Irkutsk Sibexpocentre. More than 100 Russian and foreign organisations from different parts of Russia, as well as Mongolia, China and Korea presented novelties of tourism industry. 20 regional districts presented attractions and tourist opportunities of Angara Region.
Baikaltour Exhibition will help to prepare for the summer tourist season
Today, the 18th Baikaltour International Exhibition of tourist services opened in Sibexpocentre. The exhibition will show tourist opportunities and potential of our region, as well as other region of Russia and foreign countries.
Press-release of Baikaltour, March 26—28, 2014
Baikaltour International Exhibition of tourist services will be held on March 26—28, 2014 in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex.
New aluminum Prolyte truss for exhibition stands
Participants of Sibexpocenter's exhibitions can now use for designing mobile stand trusses "Prolyte". Aluminum trusses "Prolyte" are the most popular among professionals of exhibition industry. The company "Prolyte" became well-known worldwide as a manufacturer of modern aluminum trusses in 90s of the 20th century.
Irkutsk assumes № 2 spot in the rankings of the most beautiful cities in Russia
Media holding RBC released the top most beautiful cities in Russia. In the ranking, published on the website of RBC, Irkutsk ranks No. 2.
Deputies discussed the outcomes of the program on Irkutsk city tourism development
March 28 at the City Council meeting, were summarized results of the municipal program "Promotion of Tourism in Irkutsk 2009—2012". The deputies of gave their positive rating.
We are ready to the summer tourist season!
From 27 to 29 March 2013, in anticipation of the summer tourist season "Sibexpocentre" held an exhibition of tourist services "Baikaltour". This year it was held for the 17th time.
Tourist Cooperation between Russia, Mongolia and China has been discussed at the exhibition "Baikaltour"
Lake Baikal is often called "an ethno-cultural crossroads". Its favorable geographic location and proximity to Mongolia and China makes possible to actively develop international cooperation in the spheres of business, sightseeing, education and tourism.
Guests of the exhibition "Baikaltour" were welcomed with bread and salt
Choose a resort or a travel tour, learn about new destinations and even win tickets — all of this is possible from 27 to 29 March in the JSC "Sibexpocentre".
Prospects of cooperation between Russia, Mongolia and China will be discussed at the exhibition "Baikaltour"
International Tourism Exhibition "Baikaltour" will work in Irkutsk exhibition complex "Sibexpocentre" from 27 to 29 March, 2013. The exhibition will be accompanied by a busy agenda.
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